A single enterprise smart application platform for multiple adaptable solutions in enterprises of all diversities.

Our fundamental philosophy: activate human knowledge and imagination and combine these potentials together with computing power into an innovative and unique context based enterprise solution paradigm. Our solutions supporting humans with global views on relevant information and documents, provide options to act in the context of day-to-day situations and working tasks. Albert Einstein: “You must make things as easy as possible. But not too simple.”

Integration by Context

Combionic solution components are embedded into the daily work environment – integrated into the context the user is working in. Implemented by using patented context recognition & semantic components. CONTEXT AWARE COMPUTING (Gartner) is supported in Microsoft Office Applications as Word, Excel or Microsoft Outlook.

Software for Humans

We combine human intelligence, creativity and imagination with computing capabilities to realize intelligent workplaces:
  • Improve productivity and collaboration
  • Save time and costs
  • Reduce risks and modernize processes

Consistent Policies, the base of your governance, risk and compliance on clear.


Contract Life Cycle Management is key for all business activities in a company.


Consistent presentations needs to be available instantly at your fingertips.


Ease-of-use, adapted and configure to your needs! Runs on-premise or in the cloud.

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We design and develop smart applications useful for humans. Our global team has a strong passion for innovation and fresh talents are welcome. "Imagination is more important than knowledge, because knowledge is limited.“, Albert Einstein